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Places of interest near the campsite

Causse du Larzac

A very famous place full of history : the Causse du Larzac !

It is a high karstic plateau that stretches from Millau to Lodève and is part of the Causses and Cévennes territory, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is a wild place just a stone’s throw from the campsite, a territory of wide open spaces, ideal for hiking. It is also the symbol of agropastoralism, you will find typical caussenarde farms of the region. At the bend of a walk, you will certainly see cardabelles or carlines with acanthus leaves : these plants similar to artichokes which flower in summer or early autumn and have a magical power .

The inhabitants are the fervent defenders of traditional values and authentic which they knew how to represent and still perpetuate today. The art of good living and eating well holds a major place through the many producer markets that take place in July and August.

The Larzac : a land of protest that will mark you forever !

Cirque de Navacelles

One of the Great Sites of France and Occitania : the Circus of Navacelles!

This landscape shaped by nature is a major site near the 2 Vallées campsite, located about 50 minutes away by car. It was formed gradually by the meanders of the river la Vis between the Gorges des Causses du Larzac and the Blandas. You will observe at length this exceptional panorama and vertiginous

Le Cirque de Navacelles : one of the largest canyon in Europe for a breathtaking view in the Hérault!

Mont Aigoual

Mount Aigoual : a summit and a weather observatory at the same time!

At an altitude of 1,567 m, it is the highest point in the Gard department and is 40 km from Nant. Ideally located for outdoor activities in the forest with dedicated trails accessible to the whole family. It is also a mountain weather station which allows an extraordinary view. The transhumance of the sheep that move from the plain to the mountains takes place every year in mid-June. This festival is the occasion to discover the know-how of the shepherds (shearing, work of the herd dogs, etc…).

In good weather and if you have a lynx’s eye, you can even see the Mediterranean sea !

Aubrac Plateau

L’Aubrac : a natural environment preserved in its purest form.

It is a high plateau volcanic and granitic which extends over 3 departments : Aveyron, Cantal and Lozère. To take a breath of fresh air, you will be able to practice different activities in this wild place : hiking in Aveyron, cycling or horse riding, but also take part in the transhumance of the cows which takes place every year on the last weekend of May.

During your stay, a break to connect with nature will be welcome.

Take a breath of fresh air for a moment and take a little walk on the Aubrac, you will come back fit and relaxed!

The source of the Durzon

The source of the Durzon : a haven of peace just 7 km from the 2 Vallées campsite !

The Durzon is a watercourse which runs alongside the campsite and has its source only a few kilometres away. It’s a wonderful hike which is possible from the campsite to make you discover a unique place, far from everything, where only the sound of the water will disturb you. To get there, we recommend you to go through the famous descent of the “canalettes” or “canoles” : these deep faults in the rock are to take your breath away !

A walk accessible to all and very pleasant in summer because it is very shady.

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Rougier de Camarès

Le Rougier de Camarès : a colourful territory!

Around sixty kilometres from Nant, the Camarès region has a unique feature : a red earth. Hold on, this is a geological natural phenomenon that was created nearly 300 million years ago. This setting may remind you of some similarities with the American Colorado, so once again you can escape completely at the turn of a walk.

A unique heritage to discover absolutely during your holidays in the region!

Dourbie Gorge

Between Nant and Millau : the verdoyant Dourbie Gorges are calling you!

During your stay at the campsite, you are very close to these gorges quite similar to its cousins : the Gorges of the Tarn and the Jonte. The Gorges de la Dourbie offer you a preserved natural setting and have kept a wild aspect. The river “La Dourbie” dug these gorges for a long time and it is one of the most beautiful rivers in France.

Stop for a moment in a exceptional place nested in the heart of a postcard landscape : the Moulin de Corp. This picturesque construction will surprise you with its beauty.

To recharge your batteries, there is nothing better than an excursion to the Dourbie Gorges!

tourisme gorges dourbie aveyron

Visit Farmers’ Markets

Savour Aveyron products on the many country markets!

First of all, there are morning markets every Tuesday on the place de Nant, 800 m from the campsite Aveyron and every Sunday at Saint-Jean-du-Bruel, located 5 minutes by car. There you will find, among other things, high quality charcuteries, cheeses such as the famous Roquefort, the peraglio with sheep’s milk, the tomes with cow’s milk or the Bleu des Causses. The specialities of the Aveyron will be honoured, as will tripous or farçous. Discover also different local pastries : the fouace, the flaune, the spit cake or the scalded ones.

Moreover, some summer evenings in Nant, you will enjoy night markets where you will be able to find handcrafted objects to eat.

Finally, farmers’ markets of producers are organized in the evening at le Larzac, from 6 pm, every Wednesday at Montredon and every Friday at hamlet of Potensac. The quality of the local products is claimed there. On the spot, you will taste grilled meats accompanied by the famous Aligot, a mixture of mashed potatoes and fresh tome, also called “the ribbon of friendship. “Home-made and organic products will be on display (local wines, syrups, ice creams, walnut cakes, etc…).

The atmosphere there will ensure you to spend a pleasant moment of conviviality, all in music!

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